• Scratch the coating of the anti fake label, you can see the 20 digit security code, there are 3 ways to check the authenticity of the product.

    1, telephone inquiries

    Call 400-8200-315, enter the brand commodity security information query system, in accordance with the voice prompt enter the security code (one-time input 20 bit anti-counterfeiting code by the # end) listen to system identification results query voice (each digital security only for a single query) with.

    2, mobile phone text messages

    Edit 20 security code sent to the phone number 135-8551-0555, (without spaces and any symbol) can be received in a few seconds to return the results of the query message to identify the authenticity of products.

    3, Internet network query

    Log in the morning group network www.aquinasarts.com station, in the anti fake check box input box input all security code, click "query" read out of the identification page.
  • Note: the message content and network query must be does not contain a



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